Squeem Body Contour

We have noticed that these sizes run small and suggest reading the size chart carefully. Taking your measurements is a simple task: Measurement should be taken without rush. All of Squeems products are compressive and flexible; even so, it is important to take the measures correctly, for the perfect fit. If is there any doubt, ask for a little help, from a dressmaker or someone that is an expert in the subject. (Or your spouse).


  • Wash before first use-fasten the hooks of your waist cincher one by one, from top to the bottom
  • Do not pull the hooks when removing the garment
  • Careful: sharp objects or long nails may damage your product


  • Machine wash using a washing bag or hand wash with mild soap
  • Line-dry in the shade
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not machine dry
  • Do not use any kind of cream or gel while using this product

**For those with sensitive skin, some skin irritation is possible when product is worn directly on skin.


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