Why do we need Personal Lubricants?

Let’s face it, many of us have very busy lives! Sometimes our minds may not be in the “moment”, yet a smooth lubricant can move us into the love making mode! Moisture is essential to any kind of sex—rubbing dry on dry skin will quickly show you how uncomfortable sexual activity can be without it. Moisture prevents micro-abrasions in our most sensitive areas that can happen from sexual friction, as well as heightens sensation. This can create a very negative feeling towards intimacy and love making. Try the “finger on lip” test: 1. Run your finger over your dry lip. 2. Lick your lips and repeat step #1. Ah-Ha! Saliva and/or women’s natural personal lubricants are not always reliable or helpful. There are several reasons why this occurs. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Age: as we mature, our body produces less estrogen, affecting moisture levels
  • Caffeine: the amount of caffeine or stimulants can affect our personal lubrication
  • Diabetes: diabetic angioplasty can decrease moisture
  • Drugs: recreational, over the counter and heavier medications can also decrease lubrication, even such common ones as birth control pills, cigarettes, and alcohol
  • Individual differences: some women just produce more or less moisture than others
  • Medical issues: pelvic surgery, diabetes, the list is seemingly endless
  • Medications: Some medications interfere with the body’s natural ability
  • Menstrual cycle: our periods change our estrogen levels, and you guessed it—affect how moist we are. Some women are dryer the closer or farther away they are from their monthly cycle
  • Menopause: as mentioned with age, hormone levels fluctuate over time
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth/Nursing: the hormonal fluctuations involved in having children can cause issues
  • Quantity /Amount: of sex can affect personal lubrication
  • Stress: affects sexual response in both men and women
  • Weather: those in dryer weather can pass the dryness on to their nether regions


There are 3 basic types of Personal Lubricants: Water-based, Silicone, and the Hybrid Formula. Although not a personal lubricant, we added Oil here to help people understand its purposes.


  • Most commonly used and manufactured
  • Compatible with ALL vibrators, PC Muscles exercisers, etc. material types (adult toys)
  • Can be reactivated by adding water
  • Offers the most variety including flavors, stimulating, natural, etc
  • Washes away from the body quickly


  • NEVER feels sticky
  • Creates the longest lasting glide
  • Can also be used for all over body massage
  • Great to use in water (tub, shower, etc)
  • Compatible with latex, rubber, glass, metal and plastic materials
  • Not compatible with other silicone materials (silicone vibrators, adult toys, etc.) Silicone + Silicone = melt down and compromises your health and the product. See product for usage.
  • Feels like an “oil” but safer to use inside the body (not in intestinal track)


  • Sensual creamy consistency
  • Water-based with a touch of silicone
  • A unique water-based lube that does not feel sticky
  • Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth when dry, often called “Silk”
  • Often hydrates, protects or moisturizes the skin
  • Slippery, but thin enough to feel a lot of sensation
  • Compatible with latex, rubber, glass, metal, and plastic materials
  • Not compatible with other silicone materials (such as some silicone vibrators, (adult toys), etc.


  • For Topical Use only, works great for a body massage
  • Oils are not compatible with rubber or latex
  • Not for internal use, can trigger vaginal infections
  • Not for Personal Lubricants (oils can often trigger an infection or introduce bacteria vaginally, and in some men)

Now that we have referenced the 3 different types of Personal Lubricants (Water-based, Silicone, and Hybrid Formula), let’s explore the different textures and uses of each.

Lubricant Textures


  • Stays on the surface of the skin longer
  • Provides more “cushion” feeling
  • Reduces friction and sensation (less sensation during penetration)
  • Often labeled “stay in place”or “long lasting” or “anal”


  • Allows people to feel more sensation without friction
  • Perfect for someone who wants a “kick start” and then their own lubrication takes over
  • Often associated with “women’s” formula (who generally prefer to feel more sensation during penetration)


  • Designed to enhance partial or full oral lovemaking
  • Great to use with flavored condoms
  • Can be used for oral play or penetration
  • **Most of our products are sugar-free, avoiding UTI’s, vaginal irritation, and yeast infections

Lubricant Uses


  • Glycerin, which is a common ingredient in many water-based lubes, reacts in the body like a sugar. A growing number of women have noticed that glycerin-based products trigger yeast infections or vaginal irritation. Where possible we have avoided carrying many of these products.


  • Parabens are a common preservative found in most beauty products, but some women develop sensitivity toward petrochemicals in the form of skin irritations. Most products with parabens are banned in Europe. Where possible we have avoided carrying many of these products.


  • Designed to increase sensation for both partners. Often include active ingredients like menthol that increase blood flow and awaken the nerve endings. Product formulas vary, so the effect will differ for each user. Experiment!


  • These products often come in gels, and are designed for the user to feel less sensation. Products can often delay ejaculation, and prolong love making. Product formulas vary, so the effect will differ for each user. Experiment! Items that create a relaxing effect generally relax the muscles and reduce hyper-sensitivity.

NATURAL or Organic

  • A number of customers prefer products that are made with all natural or organic ingredients. There are many different definitions of “natural”, so be sure to read the ingredients that suit your personal preferences.


  • Standard lubricants have the potential of blocking sperm as they travel toward the cervix, or change the ph balanced environment inside the vagina. Fertility friendly lubricants are specifically designed to be used for conception purposes.


  • These products “shrink” the space inside the vagina, providing more sensation and friction during penetration. Friendly to weakened PC Muscles that are not able to contract as much (often due to childbirth or age). This is also a great choice for women who lubricate excessively and more friction sensation.
  • Please click HERE to PC Muscles 101 for more information on improving weakened PC Muscles).

We encourage our customers to research which products work best for them. The best part about choosing a personal lubricant is the Sweet time you will have experimenting! Enjoy making love all over again!