Intimate Objects

Intention (noun) (1) aim or objective something that somebody plans to do (2) quality of purposefulness the quality or state of having a purpose in mind.

Our INTENTION for offering Intimate Objects (also known as Adult Toys) is to enhance marital relations, not to replace it.

Vibrators and other Intimate Objects can create variety for any couple at any age or stage of life. Husbands and wives have used vibrators to enhance their knowledge or help rekindle their bodies, and add “water” back into the intimate desert. We have added a variety of Intimate Objects for a variety of couples in marriages, and due to anatomical differences. These slight anatomical differences make it so that what area improves for one couple, may not work for another marriage. Patience and experimentation is the main key. Intimate learning of each other requires effort, deep love, commitment, and understanding.

Many women have difficulty achieving an orgasm for a variety of reasons. This can be a challenge for any husband or wife. Alarmingly, dissatisfaction with sex is a major reason that many marriages end in divorce. We hope that couples will make huge efforts to discuss issues (as hard as it can be!), and work toward achieving unity of body, mind, and spirit.

“A vibrator can provide a more consistent and enduring source of stimulation to help the wife reach climax. Once a woman experiences orgasm and knows what those intense sensations feel like, a couple can more easily work together to recreate an orgasm with only manual or penile stimulation. Because the vibrator produces an intensity of stimulation that is difficult to manually duplicate, it is wise to make stimulation with a vibrator a temporary learning solution. Couples should work together toward orgasm and complete sexual fulfillment without mechanical assistance during the intimate interplay of their lovemaking.” (And They Were Not Ashamed, Laura M. Brotherson, CFLE pg 250). Take heart, a good number of women have had great success achieving orgasms with the help of their loving husbands!

Many couples have used intimate objects to add variety into the bedroom. Decide together with your spouse what works for you. We hope that you find Intimate Objects to be fun, exciting, and an ENHANCEMENT to the most important relationship on Earth, your Simply Sweet Marriage!

Please click HERE to PC Muscles 101 for more information on improving orgasms. Please click HERE for Furniture to expand positions to that special spot.

Intimate Objects Defined

For the purpose of defining we have listed ways in which these products are typically used. However, with experimentation, there are many more uses than are listed here. Discover!

  • Bullet – usually a small 3 to 6 inch vibrator, 1-3 speeds, used for sensual stimulation or as a simple massager…some come with plug in cords and controller, others are battery operated
  • Clitoral Massager – ergonomically designed to intensify and curve around excited body parts or to “wake” them up
  • Finger-Vibe – usually a ring sized massager or glove, designed for advancing finger play in the most intimate places or gloves can be used for a simple massage
  • G-Spot Attachment – an object designed to go with massagers (such as an Acuvibe or Hitachi) to stimulate the first 1/3 of the vagina, or provide direct clitoral stimulation
  • G-Spot Stimulator – usually flat on the end, but not always! Designed to find or “wake up” the almond shaped g-spot
  • Intimate Massager – usually designed with one base, using a selection of different attachments, created for a variety of erogenous zones
  • Lipstick Vibrator – usually a 1 speed novelty massager
  • Penis Ring – a “ring” that fits on the penis to enhance pleasure for both husband and wife…Worn on top for clitoral stimulation, or on bottom to stimulate the testicles, some rings are designed for both

Intimate Object Products

We recommend using Lubricants with most vibrators. However, we do not recommend silicone lubricants with most Intimate Objects, click HERE to education lubricant page for Lubricant information.

Many of the products that we sell come with *instructions. We suggest reading the instructions together with your spouse. We hope that you will discuss the uses and what you both are comfortable with. While some products can be used in other ways, we cater our product list to ENHANCE marital relations and NOT to replace it.

*On a side note: We wanted to warn you that many of the websites listed on the product instructions is often pornographic, use discretion upon website inquiries, as pornography can damage intimacy in marriage.


As with all Intimate Objects, experimentation is the key to discovery! The We-Vibe can definitely add variety to the marriage bed. Unlike many vibrators, this small intimate object was built by an inventor and his wife for both husband and wife to use together. Insert one side into the vagina, and then leave it in during intercourse; the other end wraps around and stimulates the clitoris at the same time. Meanwhile the We-Vibe is vibrating against his penis. With different positions, and/or We-Vibe positioning, this product can revolutionalize the meaning of “quickies” to a wife. We-Vibe boasts dual stimulation in all the right places for both husband and wife.

The package says “quiet, harmonic throbbing”. There are no wires; it is hands free, wireless, waterproof and rechargeable. The charge lasts for up to two hours and it has two speeds. Created from medical grade phthalate free silicone, the We-Vibe is soft and is designed to flex open and conform to the female shape, making it comfortable and easy to use. Discreet in size, the We-Vibe is approximately 3.25 inches long and 1 inch wide, weighing only 60 grams (2 ounces) making it ideal for travel. The insertable length is 3.25inch (8.5cm).

We-Vibe is easy to use – safe – high quality – is discreet in shape and easy to wash. The power switch is concealed inside the soft nose of the We-Vibe. A beautiful case is included to discreetly hold your We-Vibe and charger.

  • 2 powerful motors – 2 hours of fun – Leave your We-Vibe plugged in so it is always ready when you are!
  • 2 speeds – low speed 3000rpm ultimate gentle purr-High speed – 5000rpm gives ideal climatic stimulation
  • powered by a rechargeable NiMH 450 mAh battery
  • Lead free – ROHS certified – Environment friendly – WEEE compliant – Carbon Neutral
  • material: Medical grade silicone (Do NOT use a silicone lubricant)
  • finish: glossy
  • We-Vibe is 3 1/4″ x 2″ x 1″/size: 8.5 x 5 x 2.8 cm
  • weight: 60 grams/ 2 oz
  • charging: 16 hours minimum (we recommend waiting the full 24 hours)
  • run time: (high and low) up to 2 hrs
  • standby: up to 60 days
  • frequency: 50-80 Hz noise (when in use): <50 dB
  • Elegant travel case and charger
  • instruction sheet, 30 day replacement warranty
  • Features:
    • 2 powerful motors
    • 2 speeds (low 3000 rpm high 5000rpm)
    • rechargeable
    • continuous silicone exterior
    • flexible and conforming core
    • pleasure enhancing waves on clitoral pad
    • G-spot simulating waves on G-spot pad
    • the silicone is medical grade, phthalate free and has no smell or taste
    • Waterproof
    • Rechargeable


Lelo was created to inspire positive and confident sexuality. Compared with standard versions, these luxury and higher quality pieces are made with superior engines that run smoother and actually last longer. They use body-safe materials that are healthier for you…and the environment. Their advanced function and design features provide unrivaled pleasure. In addition to the exceptional physical features, these products transcend in service with the warranties, defective policies, storage and packaging solutions they offer. It is true that ultimately, you get what you pay for.


We are constantly adding new and exciting products and updating information. Would you like to know more about a product that we provide, but it is not listed here? You probably aren’t alone! Feel free to Contact Us.