May we also suggest that you create a private atmosphere which will set a mood of mutual love and understanding? Games are a wonderful opportunity for marriages to be strengthened when both husband and wife are willing to be open, caring, and able to share deep romantic intimate thoughts with one another. Depending on your moods, some games can be played spontaneously! Here are some suggestions on creating an intimate atmosphere:

  • Give a card or make an invitation to the game, or wrap the game up into a gift (or with a gift basket), and give with flowers, lubricants, chocolates, lingerie, etc.
  • Plan ahead, flirting throughout the day before the game begins.
  • Attend to your personal care (shower, brush your teeth, etc.)
  • Dress up for the occasion; Choose nice clean clothes to sexy wearables!
  • Bring your favorite drinks, treats, etc.
  • Turn on your favorite music
  • Check the lighting, dim if desired or add candles
  • Be prepared with items needed or wanted such as massage oils/lotions, lubricants, etc.
  • Keep an open mind to your spouse, and accept them for what give
  • Games are meant to bring you closer together–Have Fun!

OUR Game Recommendations:

With so many different people in different marriages, we have included a variety of games with different ratings. One of the most positive aspects of having games is being able to customize it to your own marriage relationship before ever starting the game. We suggest that before beginning to play any of the games we offer, that you both take a moment to do the following:

  • Cards: split the deck in half, each spouse will take turns removing any cards that you know you would not be interested in using during the game. You could write your own to add to the deck.
  • Game Boards: Read the board together. Take a black Sharpie marker and cross out any part of the board that you both do not agree with. Use a post-it note or other paper and write up your own personal play!
  • Edible pieces: Replace with your favorite treat, to reuse the game over and over!
  • Read all instructions. Get creative and agree on your own rules where applicable.
  • Remember that games are meant to be played with mutual respect, love, and fun! The ultimate goal of playing together is to grow intimately.

Once customized, games can be played over and over. Hopefully, you will find that you truly learn more about your husband or your wife than you ever knew before! Make your marriage a Simply Sweet Marriage!