About Us

couplesonhomepageWhat began as one couples journey to find intimate products in a conservative comfortable atmosphere, has evolved into a debt-free growing company.

In the summer of 2007, ideas of the company began to flutter. Concepts and a business plan began to develop and by February 2008, Simply Sweet Marriage, LLC celebrated its official creation. After 1 year of small successes doing home parties, road trips, and trunk shows, we celebrated our anniversary in February 2009 with a small team and the launch of SimplySweetMarriage.com. We were hopeful that our understanding that sex for pleasure is good and healthy within marriage, would be known by couples seeking refreshing resources. We created a tasteful atmosphere where conservative couples feel at ease during their shopping experience and continue to seek products that enhance marital physical intimacy.

To our surprise and amazement, word spread quickly of our website. Within only a few short months, SimplySweetMarriage.com was featured in many popular blogs and magazines including, FIRST FOR WOMEN, a magazine reaching over 1 million readers, June 2009. We continue to be recognized by different religious leaderships, associations (such as SmartMarriages.com), open minded marriage/sex therapists, and other medical professionals. With each stepping stone, we celebrate and look forward to countless sweet adventures!

It is our hope that by cultivating and increasing sexual intimacy, husband and wife will find refuge in their marriage and an eternally deep lasting relationship. Our goal at Simply Sweet Marriage is to strengthen marriages through intimate products, romance, and sexual fulfillment.